A Judge Perspective: Siobháin Scanlon, Musgrave Group

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Are you a student preparing for this years National Competition but unsure of what the judges are looking for?  This week we spoke to Siobháin Scanlon, Early Careers Manager at Musgrave, a judge at our previous competitions who gives the inside scoop on what the judges are looking for next week!

‘The National Competition is rapidly approaching and across the country, your teams are honing your presentations, finalising the annual report and getting ready to highlight how your initiatives are making a social impact.

I have been judging at the competition every year since 2014 and every time I’ve been blown away by the passion, innovation and commitment that you have for your projects. There are some which have really stuck in my mind, even 4 years later! When I was asked to give some guidance on how to prepare from a judge’s perspective, I reflected on the impact of these teams and what made them so memorable.

As judges, we assess specific criteria which we rate on a 5 point scale from “Insufficient” to “Excellent” for every presentation. Each judge will assess the presentation independently with results collated at the end of each round.

Your business mentors and the Enactus Ireland team have been supporting you over the past few months and you will be familiar with the criteria already so here are my tips on how to get an “Excellent” from me!

  • We assess your team’s effectiveness in three areas which are “Seeing Opportunity”, “Taking Action” and “Enabling Process”. Structure your presentation in this order and you’re making it easier for us to see the impact you have had with your initiatives. You can view the judging sheet that we will be using here.

  • Give us a compelling narrative and remember emotional connections can be powerful. Just don’t forget to tell us the outcome!

  • Ensure your annual reports tell us the key outcomes you have achieved. This helps us when we’re deciding the ratings. Reports should be structured and clearly laid out with high resolution text/images. Use a spell check and proof-read it.

  • Don’t underestimate that first impact when you walk into the room as a team. Teams who present themselves professionally, with energy and personality will have us intrigued as to what to expect from you.   This impact is not scored but it does support the overall impression as does how you conduct yourselves when setting up for your presentations and distributing the annual reports.

  • Be confident in your achievements and remember why you are involved with Enactus. You want to make a difference and you’re there to tell us how you have done this. While winning the competition is a great ambition, you joined so you could make an impact and now is your opportunity to share the story


I’m looking forward to another great event on the 31st May and I trust you’ll make it challenging for us judges to pick the best projects on the day!’

Liam Redmond