Enterprise Rent-A-Car Internship Experience: Dylan Dunne


Dylan Dunne, an Enactus Maynooth University Co-Team Leader and current business student shares with us his experience of working as an Intern Management Trainee with Enterprise Rent-A-Car this Summer. Dylan’s internship was so successful that he has now been promoted to Campus Brand Manager!

‘Rain and wind at 5am on a Summers morning. Walking around checking sparkling new cars in a car lot might not sound like a very enticing experience, however the Enterprise Rent-A-Car internship is a truly exceptional platform  that allows individuals to develop as both a leader and a manager. In an environment as fast paced as Enterprise Rent-A-Car, customer service skills as well as leadership and the ability to make important decisions on the spot become natural. These are vital skills for succeeding in the current world of work. Despite being an exceptionally busy place of work, spirits are always high and there is always an all-round fantastic atmosphere within the company.

Dylan was awarded a KPMG bursary to attend this years Enactus World Cup in San Jose

I worked at the Dublin Airport branch (the biggest branch in Europe) in which I’ve been lucky to meet some of the best employees I’ve ever seen who always put their customers first, a foundation in which Enterprise was built on by the Taylor family who still to this day, are the proud owners of a global business that turned over $22 billion profit last year. During my time at the airport I was part of an outstanding team who collectively produced the best service score in Europe for the month of July. In July I was lucky to gain another role within the company. For the next year I will be the Campus Brand Manager for Maynooth University. This means I will now be hiring people into the same role I held. The role as an Intern Management Trainee has also given me a chance to develop life skills. I now feel I am in a stronger position to manage and lead my Enactus Team at Maynooth University and surprisingly, I’ve also regained my ability to speak a good level of French. I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given and if you are someone who isn’t afraid of hard work then Enterprise is the place for you. I also achieved every young person’s dream while in Enterprise. I finally have a business card with my name on it!’

Liam Redmond