Find Out Why Faculty Advisers Are Excited For Competition

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head of this years National Competition, we spoke to Lisa Murphy, Faculty Adviser from Cork Institute of Technology who shares with us why shes excited for this years National Competition!


‘Ireland, May 2018 has been a pretty memorable month by anyone’s standards with devastating stories of loss that have connected deeply with hearts and minds on a national level along with a historic referendum result, hard fought and unequivocally won. It is against this backdrop of emotional turbulence that the Enactus Ireland National Competition 2018 is playing out, so we are going into this event on the last day of this month with the collective consciousness immersed in tragic and seismic events, however, it is worth focusing our attention on this big day for many reasons.

National Competition gives us a chance to witness all that is positive and inspiring about the millennial and post millennial generations, their ferocious passion and grit evidenced in the “youthquake” that came out in force to vote on the 25th of May, this generation of young people can and will change the world and those members of Generation X like myself are humbled and awe inspired by it.

The essence of Enactus and the ideology of our students is a natural fit. This generation of young people, less individualistic and more outward focused than any other generation prior, with the hunger to make a positive impact on pressing societal and environmental issues naturally align with the raison d’être of Enactus which is to awaken a latent social conscience in our students and nurture that through an incredibly professional and supportive framework, assisting these students in their quest to make a dent in the world.

That is why I am so excited about this year’s National Competition, I and everyone else present gets to see first-hand these students in entrepreneurial action, who want to make a meaningful difference to the world Dr. Helen McGuirk and I have the good fortune to be faculty advisers to Enactus CIT who have bundles of tenacity, inventiveness and self-confidence and proudly represent the spirit of both CIT and Enactus.

These are exciting times, the very best of luck to everyone involved on May 31st, you are all change agents and to quote the iconic recording artist Patti Smith “People have the Power”, we sure do.’

Liam Redmond