Internship Insight: What Did I Do At Unilever?


Megan Lunney, an Enactus IADT alumni and winner of the 2018 Unilever internship recaps on her experience this past summer. Megan shares her favourite things about the internship and includes some top tips for people applying this year!


‘Having been a part of Enactus IADT for nearly three out of my four years in college and with Unilever being among some of the first companies to partner with Enactus Ireland, I had become quite familiar of Unilever’s role in improving the livelihoods of others and its great similarities to the Enactus core values – empowering and improving the livelihoods of many, in an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable way. Each year I heard more about the Unilever and Enactus internship experience so when the time came in final year to apply, I didn’t have to think twice!

The application process was a journey that I quite enjoyed, as it gave me a chance to step out of my comfort zone and to dig deep in to my creative roots. Firstly, I had to fill in a short application outlining why I wanted to work for Unilever. Top applicants were then asked to create a fully integrated ice cream campaign, linking a Unilever ice cream product to their HB freezers, that was scalable and could drive sales. When I first read the challenge, I was apprehensive as to what I could come up with, but shortly I realised I had an opportunity to branch out and then it wasn’t long until the ideas began flowing!

When I was fortunate to be offered the role in Unilever, I came in as an eCommerce and New Revenue Streams intern. During my time, I gained insight into how a global multinational firm functions, how to interact and build a sustainable relationship with external clients, knowledge of how startups take from the beginning of an idea, to becoming a sustaining and profitable business. In my day to day, I was also able to take pieces of intricate data and turn them into great stories while bringing the reader on a journey.

For those who are thinking of applying for this year’s internship, try to apply the real work experience you gained with Enactus into how you would be a good fit for the role. For example, if you have been a project leader on your Enactus team, make sure to share what skills you have gained from this role. I know it can be tough but try and think outside the box when putting your application together as this is what will set you apart from other candidates. My final piece of advice, make the most of your time there! Not only was I was given great visibility into how a FMCG industry operates, I was also able to create a great network of friends and colleagues that have opened my eyes into a variety of prospects that before I would never have thought were possible.

In June of last year I was lucky enough to be chosen as the Unilever intern of 2018. You now have the same chance this year, what are you waiting for?’

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Closing date is Wednesday, March 13th, 2019. 

Liam Redmond