KBC Bank Summer Internship: Winner's Experience


Are you thinking of applying for this years KBC Bank Internship competition but unsure of what your experience will be like? Fear not! We spoke to two of last years winners, Maebh O’Hanrahan and Donnacha Murphy who provide us with an insight on their experience and why they think you should apply for this amazing opportunity!

Maebh O’Hanrahan (Enactus DCU) winner of the KBC Bank Internship 2017


‘What a summer! While my friends were travelling around Europe inter-railing and J1’ing across America, I decided to apply for the KBC Bank Summer Internship, a company at the time, I didn’t know much about. This certainly changed over my three months working in the business, as I became immersed in the day-to-day workings of a busy division within the company. After successfully completing the Dragons Den style interview process in April, I was excited to see what the Summer would entail!

During my internship, I was part of the Retail Products team in the Current Account, Savings and Investment Division, where I gained significant autonomy and valuable experience during my 14 weeks in the business. I was involved in new product initiatives with colleagues from all divisions of the bank. One of my favourite opportunities was working on the development and launch of a completely new product in the bank, a ‘teen bank account’. I loved how KBC valued my input and involvement and even with my lack of work experience, I was treated well and felt like an integral member of the team. KBC is a great company to work for due to their employee centered nature. I was afraid of the common stereotype of an intern going on coffee runs and doing mundane tasks with a photocopier, however, I felt KBC really respected my opinions and provided me with opportunities to grow and develop my skills. This has helped me when returning to university as I had gained real ‘hands-on’ insight into key aspects of the corporate world. Also the endless Off Beat doughnuts and Chopped in the canteen did help!

My advice for those applying for the KBC internship is don’t be intimidated and put off by the initial selection process of a Dragons Den interviews. At the time, I was petrified at the thought of presenting my product idea to a large group of employees but I now know if I can get through that then I can do any interview for future jobs. Just go for it, embrace the challenge of a different interview approach and trust me you won’t regret it!’


Donnacha Murphy (Enactus UCC) winner of the KBC Bank Internship 2017


‘Last year I was one of four students lucky enough to be awarded a three month internship in KBC Bank in Dublin. Looking back now I can definitely say that it was one of the highlights of 2017 for me.

In KBC Bank I was a member of the Consumer Finance Department where I learned a great deal about the Banking Sector and the exciting changes and opportunities that had the potential to revolutionise many of our products and business models. This experience gave me a new perspective on what can be gained by a career with a consumer bank. While I was there, I engaged in multiple projects which allowed me to apply my skill set to generate value for my colleagues and work with teams across the bank. I was given the flexibility to approach business problems in my own way so that I could deliver as much value as I could to the business.

The atmosphere in the office was fantastic. Everyone was friendly and approachable for suggestions or help with a problem. My team were great to work with and we all got along very well. KBC Bank also offers so many opportunities for expressing yourself through sport or charity work and really valued its employees.

The skills and experience I gained while completing the internship is invaluable to me now in college and in the future after graduation. There were plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and the internship also offered the option to see how other aspects of the bank worked to give you a wider perspective of the bank itself.
In conclusion, I would definitely recommend anyone thinking of applying for the internship to do so as the experiences you will have there will be some of the best in your college experience. The skills you gain will be invaluable for college and future work and the friendly atmosphere makes it one of the best places to work in Ireland!’

Would you like the opportunity to intern with KBC Bank this year? Maebh and Donnacha had an amazing experience, you could too! Apply now here. Closing date is Friday, March 16th.

Liam Redmond