Meet Our 2018 Social Ambassadors!

Can’t make it to National Competition this year? We’ve got you covered! Our social ambassadors will help share the story of our National Competition with you all! They will use #WeAllWin and #EnactusIRE18 so follow these hashtags to keep up-to-date on the activity leading up to and on the day of May 31st!

Let’s meet the social ambassadors for the 2018 National Competition!

Social Ambassador #1: Annie Kavanagh 


Team: Enactus CIT      Role: Co-Project Leader & Advisory Board Liaison Officer

Twitter handle: @Anniekavanagh21

Why I’m excited to be a social ambassador: I was thrilled to be chosen as a social ambassador for this years National Competition. This is my first year within Enactus and this is such an amazing opportunity! As a student who has a lot of interest in social media and digital marketing this will give me real life experience on how to properly plan a marketing campaign and give me a glimpse into developing a marketing structure.

I am delighted to represent Enactus CIT in this role, being a project leader and ABLO, most of my work is very structured however, this opportunity allows me to understand other projects more and enjoy the full experience of National Competition.

Social Ambassador #2: Louise McConn

Louise McConn.jpg

Team: Enactus DCU          Role: Team Member 

Twitter handle: @louiseEBG

Why I’m excited to be a social ambassador: I had a great year with Enactus DCU and learnt a lot about myself. I’ll admit, I don’t have a lot of experience with social media but I can’t wait to utilise this experience and improve this. After all, social media and digital marketing is the future!

I can’t wait for National Competition as I feel this year the standard is extremely high and we will hear about tremendous projects that are being run. Being part of this doesn’t get much better.

Social Ambassador #3: Matthew Hayden


Team: Enactus MU      Role: Advisory Board Liasion Officer

Twitter handle: @Mattsviews1

Why I’m excited to be a social ambassador: I’m excited about the opportunity to spread the word of Enactus and all the benefits of which being involved with it have given me and those around the world! I am excited about the chance to show globally the good which Enactus as an organisation and it’s individual societies around Ireland have had on different social groups in our communities.


Social Ambassador #4: Catherine Hallinan 


Team: Enactus UL      Role: Co-Team Leader

Twitter handle: @Catherine_H98

Why I’m excited to be a social ambassador: I’m excited to be a social ambassador as it will allow me to showcase the work that we have done in Enactus UL and every other college’s work in Ireland. It will also give me an experience in digital marketing that links in with my course. Being an Enactus social ambassador will allow me to connect with other Enactus colleges online with people all around the world.

Liam Redmond