Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Top Interview Tips

Do you have an interview coming up for a graduate programme or an internship but unsure how to prepare? Nicole Greaves, Talent Acquisition Specialist from Enterprise Rent-A-Car shares her top tips when it comes to preparing for interviews.

Nicole Greaves, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Nicole Greaves, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

1. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH! I can’t say it enough! The more you know about the company the easier it will be to have conversations around why you want to be part of that company, why you’re leaving your current company and what have you learned about the company since making an application etc. Set aside an hour to use the companies own website, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get facts or news on the company. Stand out by having more knowledge than the graduate interviewing straight after you.

2. Prepare an answer for the “Tell me about yourself” question. If someone asked me today on the spot “what do you do”? or “tell me about yourself” I would struggle but if I gave myself time to think about this and actually write it down I could write a book! So the key here is to prepare an answer because this question is definitely going to crop up in some way. Also, think of five facts you want the Recruiter/Hiring Manager to know about you. Be careful not to use “Buzz words” for example “I am a good communicator, team player, people’s person”, use actual facts about your experience regarding work, college or personal. For example, I won 1st place in a sales competition last month at work and here is how I won. Bear in mind like an exam, not all the questions you prepare are going to come up so when it gets to the end of the interview and you get asked is there anything you would like to add think of your five facts. I can almost guarantee there will be one or two you left out because you were not specially asked about them so use them to sell yourself at the end of the interview.

3. Print the job specification. The job spec is a “cheat sheet” for you. It will give you some information on the company, what the job entails, what skills they need you to have etc so use it. I often ask graduates “What do you think you will be doing day-day in this role” and a lot of graduates struggle to answer this question because they don’t actually know what the job is. If you don’t know the job how can you sell yourself.


4. Use the STAR approach and prepare questions. If you don’t have questions at the end of the interview it may come across that you are not interested so prepare five questions. Some may be answered throughout the interview so have five to cover yourself! Remember asking questions like tell me more about the training, tell me about your own career so far and what is a typical day are better than the questions about benefits, salary hours etc! If you feel you wont remember the questions then write them down on a small notepad and bring it with you to the interview. Practice the STAR approach to answering interview questions. This approach helps you give specific examples in relation to your work experience backing up your capabilities. Set the scene for the Recruiter/Hiring Manager talking about the job you were in, the company you worked for and the situation you were in. Following from here, talk about the task that was involved, then the action you took, most importantly give the result, making sure the examples you choose have a positive result!

5. If you want the job then say it! After you have spent hours of your time getting to know the company, the job, the people and you realise that you really want to work there…. SAY IT!! Tell the Hiring Manager/Recruiter that you want the job and why. Passion for the company and the position can go a long way and can really make you stand out from other graduates.


I could write pages on interview tips but these five are my favourite and I hope they will help you if you are preparing for your first graduate interview! If you are looking for further information regarding interviews please get in touch with me directly on Nicole.M.Greaves@ehi.com or if you are interested in a career with Enterprise Rent-A-Car visit our careers website for more information on our Graduate Programme – https://careers.enterprise.ie

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