Social Media Improvement: Why & How

Do you realise how important social media is for your project? Clara Hickey, Public Affairs Analyst from Citi explains the importance of social media and why it should be your project’s best friend.

Clara Hickey, Public Affairs Analyst

Clara Hickey, Public Affairs Analyst

With nearly half the world’s population using social media, it’s the best free platform for recruiting new project members, finding corporate partners for sponsorship and spreading awareness of your project. But before you go posting everything and anything on your project’s social media accounts, you must understand what each social media platform can be used for. This might seem pretty obvious, but if you don’t adjust your content to suit each platform, you run the risk of losing followers instead of gaining them.

Don’t forget, in order for you to get the most out of each of the social media platforms, you should:

  • Create a social media calendar. This allows you to schedule content to post during busy periods at college. So even when you’re doing assignments or sitting exams, your project’s social media account won’t be neglected. Creating a calendar also helps to maintain a consistent image and brand by using the same tone, images and videos across all platforms and posts.

  • Make short snappy videos. In reality, the majority of people don’t have time to watch long videos on their phones or laptops. Make sure to keep your videos down to 30 seconds to 1 minute so to keep your viewer’s attention.

  •  Have a clear simple logo: This is essential in creating awareness and recognition for your project. Once you have a logo, set it as your profile picture across all social media channels. If you’re really tech savvy, try and watermark all images and videos you post online with your logo in the bottom right hand corner.




Your first step should be to set up a Facebook account. Facebook is a useful recruitment tool for your project as you can create and share event pages for ‘New Member Nights’ or ‘Committee Meetings’ to attract potential new members.

However, if you want to keep attracting new members via Facebook, it’s essential to post engaging content frequently on your profile. Facebook is the perfect place for hosting long texts, multiple images and high quality videos of testimonials on both your project and social issues your project aims to tackle.



Instagram is very interactive and has a much more casual and conversational tone than most other social media platforms. You can use Instagram as an insight into what your project does by using interesting and engaging images and videos. Don’t forget, you can also use Instagram Stories for live insights into what goes on both in your project and behind the scenes. In order to get more traction, use relevant hashtags such as #WeAllWin so it will be seen by other Enactus members from across the world!



If you’re interested in gaining corporate support and sponsorship for your project, having an active LinkedIn is very important. LinkedIn is used to create business connections, so it’s best to write about your project’s progress and success to attract attention from potential business partners (think of it as a college essay so to get the right tone for LinkedIn). If you have a website set up for your project, try to share blog posts on LinkedIn to drive traffic to your website.



Although you’re restricted to only using 280 characters, there’s no better platform for getting your voice heard and involved in current conversations for free than Twitter. Begin by following Twitter accounts that target similar social issues to your project. You can then promote your project aims and success by discussing topical issues and engaging with these similar organisations.

Liam Redmond