Meet our 2019 Social Ambassadors for National Competition!

Can’t make it to National Competition this year but want to stay up to date with all the action? Well don’t worry because we have you covered! Our four social ambassadors will help share the story of May 30th with you all! They will use #EnactusIRE19 and #WeAllWin so make sure to follow these hashtags for the updates.  

Let’s meet the social ambassadors for the 2019 National Competition!

Social Ambassador #1: Cathal Canavan


Team: Enactus DCU

Twitter Handle: @CanavanCathal

Why I'm excited to be a social ambassador:

I’m super excited to be a social ambassador to share all the exciting projects and the progress Enactus Ireland’s teams have made this year. This was my first year involved in Enactus so I’m delighted to have this opportunity.

I’m really looking forward to National Competition as I feel the standard is extremely high and can't wait to hear about the fantastic projects that are being worked on in other colleges. The role of social ambassador also gives me a chance to put my digital marketing skills to the test.


Social Ambassador #2: Amy Dorney

Team: Enactus UCC

Twitter Handle: @AmyDorney

Why I’m excited to be a social ambassador:

I’m really excited to be a social ambassador this year because I will be able to give my family, friends and followers a real insight into what we do in Enactus and what the day of national competition fully entails, from start to finish from a student’s point of view. It is a fantastic opportunity to showcase and promote the great work that Enactus students from all colleges have done throughout the year.


Social Ambassador #3: Brian Harnett

Team: Enactus TCD

Twitter Handle: @brian_harnett

Why I’m excited to be a social ambassador:

As Co-Team Leader at Enactus TCD, I know how ward each and every member of the Enactus Teams work throughout the year, and in the lead up to National Competition. I am excited to work as a social ambassador for National Competition, as I will be able to provide a behind the scenes account of the hard work the teams put in. Ups and downs, stress, hard work, dedication, and an overwhelming commitment to making change are all part of working with Enactus, and I can’t wait to show it to the world.

Leanne Delaney.jpg

Social Ambassador #4: Leanne Delaney

Team: Enactus UL

Twitter Handle: @le_ann_e

Why I’m excited to be a social ambassador:

I am excited to be given the opportunity to be social ambassador for Enactus UL in this year's National Competition. With this role I will display the amazing work our team and all the other colleges have done during the year.

So excited to see everyone at National Competition and to be a part of this amazing experience.

Liam Redmond