Find Out Why Faculty Advisers Are Excited For This Year’s National Competition!

Ahead of this year’s National Competition, we spoke to Brian Shee, Faculty Adviser for Enactus UL and Siobhan Gallagher, Faculty Adviser for Enactus IADT on why their excited for this year’s competition!


Brian Shee – Faculty Adviser, Enactus UL

In April 2017, my colleague Briga Hynes, a tireless champion of student enterprise at the University of Limerick, asked me to sit in on a presentation by a group of students who were preparing for an upcoming national contest. My role was to provide feedback on their content and delivery. I did not know what to expect, as I knew nothing about the competition or the participants. It was at this presentation that I was first introduced to the thriving UL Enactus Society. I was immediately impressed by their professionalism, their achievements, and, most strikingly, their genuine desire to create a better world.

It was not long after this initial meeting that I joined the UL team as a faculty adviser. I think my persistent queries about the society might have moved Briga to invite me on board!  Since then, my connection to the society, and especially the hard-working students who run it, have proven to be a constant source of pride and motivation.

I missed last year’s event as my wife and I welcomed a little girl into the world and I became a father for the first time. Here lies the reason why I am excited for National Competition.

Unfortunately, we live in world beset with divisions and pressing problems. However, with Enactus, active steps are being taken to address these problems by engaging young and dedicated agents of change. Getting to know UL Enactus students like James Crotty, Catherine Hallinan, Maria Bennett, Hugh Butler, Catriona O’Halloran and Jack O’Connor, to name but a few, has given me hope that positive and sustainable change is achievable. The fact there are hundreds more Enactus members across Ireland and many thousands more spread across the world all striving toward the same goals is, frankly, inspirational.

This year I will go to National Competition for the first time and see the culmination of all the hard work put in year-round by the students and experience an inspiring atmosphere of tenacity, creativity, and innovation. It is a chance to witness these future leaders in action, and their commitment makes me confident that my daughter will grow up in a better world.


Siobhan Gallagher – Faculty Adviser, Enactus IADT


I believe that as a society we can create meaningful social change through collaboration across higher-education institutions, global businesses, local communities, community-based organisations and countries.  Global leaders have agreed the seventeen UN sustainable development goals, for all countries and for all people.  Enactus as a movement supports the aim of achieving these goals, and I truly believe in the Enactus motto, that “entrepreneurial action for others creates a better world for us all”.    It is my privilege to be part of the Enactus community to work with students whose aim is to follow the Enactus motto and take entrepreneurial action to create a more equitable society.  Volunteering with Enactus also enables me to give back in my own small way.

National Competition is the highlight of the Enactus year and gives us a chance to witness all that is positive and creative about today’s students.  As Faculty Advisers we get to see the variety of projects developed across Higher Education Institutions countrywide at first-hand.  National Competition is special for everyone involved.  I am especially looking forward to seeing the hard work of Enactus IADT students come to fruition and to watch with my colleagues Conor Heagney and Therese Moylan as our students represent the spirit of both IADT and Enactus.

One of the most positive benefits from Enactus is the shared experience of all those involved, both students and faculty alike, and building new relationships and friendships with my colleagues working in other HEIs.  Participation in Enactus has been a hugely positive learning experience for me and for IADT students. National competition embodies the essence of Enactus.

Good luck to everyone participating in National Competition 2019.  See you on May 30th!

Liam Redmond