Is it your first time attending National Competition? Here’s some top tips!

Are you attending National Competition for the first time this year and ensure how to prepare? Aoife O’Brien, Enactus MU alumna shares with us her top tips ahead of this years National Competition!

National Competition is such an exciting day for everyone involved in it. Having attended over the past few years as both a student and alumni, these are a few tips I would note to help you make the most of the day;

1. Preparation is Key

Whatever you can do before you arrive at National Competition, do it! On the day, nerves will set in (which is completely normal), so having things done before you arrive will help. Make a list of roles outside of the presentation team and delegate them out before you get there. Practice your presentation to make sure you have the timing right to get all your information across. It will make a difference if you know your presentation and have practiced as a team; learn your lines and take a deep breath before you go in, try not to let the nerves take over! Talk to your faculty advisers, business advisers and alumni, they are there to help and can give feedback on what to show on the day. Also, expect the unexpected! Have back up tech, presentations and some copies of the script for your own sanity.


2. Take in other presentations

National Competition is a showcase of all the impactful projects that students all over the country have worked on all year. Be sure to take some time to look at them, congratulate your friends on the other teams and listen to the work they have done. You may also end up taking some inspiration for next year, or even some tips for how to improve your own presentation for the future.   


3. Take part in the day

National Competition isn’t just about the presentations that are showcased by the students, there is different events that are happening that are a great opportunity for you to get involved throughout the day. This year there’s an Alumni Career Accelerator on networking and an opportunity to pitch your idea for social good on the mainstage at Enactus Grassroots! I’ve always really enjoyed the keynote presenter at the end of the day before the announcement of the awards, I’ve seen some amazing people speak over the last few years of National Competition! Keep engaging with Enactus Ireland on social media through the day too!  


4. Network

There are so many different people attending National Competition. It is a great opportunity for you to meet some new people and make some great connections that could benefit you in the future. Not only other students, but judges and people from a variety of backgrounds and companies in a range of industries. There will be a number of alumni there also, take some time to chat to them about their Enactus journey, where they are now and how they are still involved with Enactus. From a general chat to career advice, everyone is delighted to talk to you and advise where they can. If you have business cards, bring them with you, and offer to follow up with a LinkedIn connection or an email the day after.


5. Enjoy it!

National Competition is a showcase of all the hard work that has been put in by the amazing students in the Enactus Ireland network, and it’s important to enjoy the day. You have been working all year for this day and have impacted people all over the world with your amazing projects with the support of so many different organisations, as well as your Advisory Board, and the team in Enactus Ireland! Make sure to enjoy the day and to make the most of it J

Best of luck to all the teams in National Competition for 2019!

Liam Redmond