As Enactus is a large and diverse network, we love a good get-together! Outside of National Competition and World Cup, we host various events throughout the year.


Running in line with the academic year, we host four training summits which provide knowledge, skills and information for the students and their projects.

  • August - Team Leadership Summit (training for the incoming team leaders and their governing committees)

  • October - Autumn Summit (idea generation for new projects and scaling for existing projects)

  • January - Spring Summit (project development training)

  • April - Pre-Competition Summit (training on competition readiness)


Twice a year our faculty advisers gather together to share best practice, collaborate and innovate new processes for working with their teams. Faculty Advisers also have the opportunity to showcase research and hear keynote speeches from leaders in the academic world.


enactusTALKS is a speaker series with a central theme of topics relating to the world of Enactus. Hosted by partner companies, the events feature seven insightful and engaging mini-talks from different members of the Enactus Ireland network (one business leader, two student leaders, one academic leader, one community leader, one Enactus alumni and Microsoft Keynote speech).


Ahead of each World Cup, our network gathers together to celebrate the National Champion team who will represent Ireland on the World Stage. Hosted by Bank of Ireland, the networking event features a presentation from the winning students plus a keynote inspirational speaker.

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