Access Earth is a mobile and browser based platform. We empower those seeking accessibility information, we enable businesses looking to promote their locations accessibility and we promote areas that are accessible to those with access needs.  

 This helps highlight the most valuable areas for our users to sleep, shop and experience a city. 

 The Access Earth App is available for free to its users on Android, Apple and through our website at This will never change as our goal is to remove barriers to accessibility information, not create more.  

 Access Earth provides corporations and governments with accessibility workshops, mapping events for internal buildings and surrounding areas. As well as this, we provide live data and insights for the organisation to use going forward both to provide to their constituents and inform their future improvements plans. 

 Since Access Earth’s victory at the Enactus National Finals in 2015 we have expanded the company with three full time staff members. Access Earth now boasts over 92,000 rated locations helping over 8,000 users world wide.  

 We were able to achieve this level of growth and interest through the help, support and guidance offered during our time participating in Enactus.  

 Access Earth has grown tremendously since our humble beginnings as a small student project and are now listed in Ireland's 100 Hot Startups for 2019.  

 We would encourage any student with a passion or idea they seek to grow, or who are hungry for the experience, to join Enactus today!