Through Enactus, I developed new skills and unlocked other talents I didn’t even know I possessed. 

Becoming an Enactus student completely transformed my time in University.  

College was a major change for me and I found the first year extremely difficult. I transformed from an individual who was always involved in one thing or another, to a student who commuted to college and only attended lectures. Although I enjoyed my studies, I felt empty, bored and as if I had no purpose. 

Becoming an Enactus student gave me a whole new lease of life. I began to feel like myself again. I was motivated and inspired. I was hopeful for my future and it felt amazing to know that young people really had the ability to change the world we live in. 

Enactus also gave me the opportunity to make friends from different courses and create a connection with members of faculty, as well as those from the business world. I always thought that college wasn’t for me until Enactus showed me otherwise. 

Through Enactus, I developed new skills and unlocked other talents I didn’t even know I possessed. Business, entrepreneurship and the role it plays in society became exciting and interesting. It was empowering to take an idea from concept through to implementation. To see the impacts it could have.  

When I graduated I entered the working world with confidence I had gained from the Enactus programme.  From working on projects with Enactus I was not applying those skills to work on projects in the workplace.   

And whilst I am not longer a student, my Enactus journey continues as an alumni. One way we can stay involved is through attending the world cup as judges. I have judged opening and semi final rounds at the World Cup in both Toronto and London. And having attended and competed at previous World Cups, it feels great to come full circle.  

I also remain connected to the Enactus community by sitting on the advisory board for my former university. As an alumni we can offer the unique perspective of having once being a student but also now having industry experience.  

It has been 7 years since I joined the programme and my Enactus network continues to be a very important part of my life. I am grateful for the experience I have had and continue to have. I would recommend anyone and everyone to get involved.