My Enactus experience over the past two years can simply be summarised as overwhelmingly empowering. I had joined Enactus in my first year of college with the goal of making a few friends and filling up the time in between classes. Enactus, however has ended up shaping my entire college experience starting from the driven people that I often find myself surrounded with to how I view my community. From the day I joined Enactus, two words had seemed to always stick out. Impact and Empowerment. Impact, the idea of helping someone be in a better position than the were previously and empowerment, where with the help of others, you can learn to help yourself. Like a lot of other people, I too have walked through Dublin city centre and had seen several people in dire need of help and I too had to keep my head down or give them apologetic looks as I passed by, unable to do anything. I joined Enactus out of boredom, but I stayed due to the ongoing frustration of not being able to do anything for those out there. Enactus to me, helps put that frustration at ease, I alone may not have the power to change the world, but a few people like me, together, can. Enactus is the perfect platform that students like the change to implement change one step it a time. The idea that business strategies could help solve social problem had never occurred to me before. This altered my perspective on this and started the long trains of thoughts I would have on steps I can take to enable those around me as I walked through the same streets of Dublin.

Setting up projects was never easy, as my time progressed in Enactus, I had grown more aware of the technicalities that came with taking initiative. However, with the help my peers, Faculty and Business Advisers I was learning something new every day. With every hurdle that came our way, we were learning new ways to overcome it.

As a Business I had sat through many classes on leadership, effective communication and innovation but it was through Enactus that I fully saw those terms come to life. Enactus has also been a platform for my own personal development, it had taught me so much that text books could never provide, from understanding how to formulate my first formal email, developing and presenting my first business pitch, learning how to arrange meetings to speaking in front of a crowd of business executives and representing Ireland on a global platform. Enactus has enabled me to do things I never deemed possible.

I had joined Enactus with the view of making friends but attained a second family instead. I signed up to Enactus to keep myself occupied but it has helped changed by lifestyle all together. I stayed in Enactus with the aim of enabling others to do more but found myself to more independent than I ever was before.