Management is making sure things are done right.

Leadership is making sure the right things are done.


Through the creation of social entrepreneurial projects, our students are solving the social issues the world is currently facing. But, that isn’t enough. Solving an issue now doesn’t mean that the same issue won’t reappear in twenty years time. What about the new issues that will appear? It can be a grim thought.

That is why we ensure our students are developing as leaders throughout the implementation of their projects.

When engaged with Enactus, our students are developing the skills which will ensure they become socially conscious leaders. Leaving third level education, they will be equipped with the work ready skills necessary to enter the workforce or to become a social entrepreneur. In addition, they will have developed a strong social conscious which will lead to them to make ethical decisions in the future.

So, how do we do it?

  • Training: Throughout the year, we facilitate four national training summits which provide the students with skills necessary for their development as well as the creation of the projects

  • Mentorship: Working with our corporate and academic partners, which create Advisory Boards with the function of providing advice to the students

  • Competition: Enactus competitions motivate our students to achieve the best results possible and, in doing so, allow the students to unleash their potential

  • Networking: We expose our students to wide range of people with diverse backgrounds. This helps our students build a varied network of contacts.

But, don’t just take our word for it! See what our students have to say:

“Being involved with Enactus for one year, my experience has been that of making true friends, learning new and transferable skills, organising and travelling to many Enactus events and enjoying a greatly enhanced college experience!”

- Fay Clohessy, Enactus CIT

“During my time at Enactus, I have connected with numerous students, networked with some of the most engaging business leaders in Ireland today and presented my passions and solutions to a variety of audiences. Most importantly, I have been given countless opportunities to either or both impact, educate and empower communities on a local, national or global scale.”

- Megan Lunney, Enactus IADT

“It was the defining factor over my time in college without a doubt. It was 3 years that gave me a lifetime of experience. I learned how to communicate with those around me about what I wanted to achieve with our projects and how to articulate that effectively to companies so they could assist in our endeavours.”

- Matthew Hayden, Enactus MU

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