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At Enactus, we aim to tackle the problems of today whilst creating the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, our mission is two fold:

  • to empower third level students to become the socially conscious leaders of tomorrow

  • to enact positive social change using social entrepreneurial business models

Our students create, and implement, social entrepreneurial projects which empower the project beneficiaries to change their own lives’ for the better. In addition, these projects are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable.

In doing so, the students develop the skills necessary to become the leaders of tomorrow - be it working for a corporate organisation, volunteering for a charity or setting up their own social enterprise.

It takes a village, people!

Although we strongly believe in the potential of students and the power of social enterprise, we understand that our mission needs plenty of resources, expertise and enthusiasm.

Working with the worlds of business and academia, our students, and their projects, are mentored and trained by business and faculty advisers. Therefore, our students are equipped to create the change the world needs.

Thus, we have the Enactus Network. A community of business, academic and student leaders who are committed to using the power of social entrepreneurial action to create a better, more sustainable world for the people of today and the people of tomorrow.